Entry Title: "Le Donne di Picasso"
Cristina Vatielli
, Italy
Category: Professional,

Entry Description:

The project was conceived to reveal the stories of 8 women, who
were part of Pablo Picassos life and strongly influenced his work.
Almost all of them were submitted by the power of the love they dedicated to the painter, often with dramatic consequences. Very attractive women, some belonging to the world of the artists, some others extremely young and ignoring who they were facing, they became in turns - but also more than one at a time - his muses, models, mistress, sacrificial victims.
The locations were chosen based on the research of their
psychological traumas and a study in depth of their personalities
post-Picasso. The choice of the self-portraiture was moved by the necessity to identify with the personality of each woman. Although very different from each other, they stay linked by the same draining love they felt for the artist.
The work has been done in analogue medium format film.

About the Artist: