Fata Morgana

PhotographerCristiana Apostol
PrizeSilver in Advertising / Beauty
Entry Description

"Weightless Reality" is an ongoing photographic project that i've started a few years ago. What is fascinating, to me, apart from the different and potentially dangerous shooting environment, is the communication aspect, the rapport which exists between model and photographer and how that changes and evolves over the course of one, or sometimes, multiple days. "Fata Morgana" is the embodiment of a dream - She is floating, right there, under your gaze, a fantastic creature of a world where gravity has different rules.

About Photographer

I come from a mixed background of arts - studied drawing and etching, but also photography and cinematography. Currently working as a graphic/animation artist, also doing cinematography, photography and color grading at Aesir Studio (Bucharest,Romania), i am continuously interested in the world of image. The underwater medium has been perfect for me to try and translate some of my vivid dreams and thoughts. I am very dedicated to model photography. It is a great experience on so many levels, and you get to immerse not only in water but also in a deeply human, emotional experience of communication.