Entry Title: "ONE WAY ONLY"
, Italy
Category: Professional,

Entry Description:

I decided to work on the migrants issue because I felt I had to
watch with my own eyes this historic event, to take part of it and
to tell it through my photographs.
The main idea was to show these peoples stories and emotions by
catching specific moods, such as desperation, joy, satisfaction,
and fear.
The migrants journey, their passage, thousands of feet stepping
along paths and railways; it all stays on the background. Through
my eyes, that huge multitude turns out to be a gallery of faces,
depicting a variety of personal feelings: a womans eyes among
the crowd, the loving gesture of a father carrying his disabled son,
or the endless cry of babies and children.
An incredible flow of refugees on the move, leaving Syria, Iraq and
Afghanistan. They are making their way toward northern Europe,
looking for freedom.

About the Artist: