Entry Title: "Game over"
Tom D. Jones
, Belgium
Category: Professional,

Entry Description:

The word game has its origin in colonial times when wild game
was being hunted. Hunting was considered a game. Hunting for
game. Nowadays, it is impossible to keep track of the number
of animals killed by poachers in Africa.
The shrinking population of this marvelous wildlife is a
frightening prospect.
As if this were not enough the global warming causes additional
pressure on these regions. Many species will face extinction in
the short run as a result of which the current Game drives
might actually become a thing of the past...

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About the Artist:

In recent years, Tom D. Jones’ fine art photography has won a great many awards in large international competitions. Yet, the most striking one is the Hasselblad Master Award 2012. Worldwide this biennial exclusive photo happening stands for creativity, art and craftsmanship. Consequently, Tom D. Jones is the very first Belgian Hasselblad Master to join a list with famous names such as Anton Corbijn, Albert Watson, Howard Shatz... etc. His work is characterised by clean compositions, light and depth, reflecting mainly infinite serenity and simplicity.