Entry Title: "Void"
Rory Dempster
, Australia
Category: Professional,

Entry Description:

Void is a series of images that portray moments which occur
outside human sensory perception; the unquantifiable, the
immaterial, and the metaphysical. They are personal reflections on
where we place ourselves, and with what significance, on the
infinite scale of our universe.
It is my intention that this series prompts the audience to
contemplate a reality where the fundamental laws of our own do
not apply. This intention is mirrored in the creation of the artwork,
in which I attempted to interpret a reality that is impossible to
comprehend into a perceivable medium.
All images were created in studio with minimal digital alterations.
This decision was made as to find other worldly details in the
world around us, just as separate realities are involved and
connected with our own.

About the Artist: