PhotographerDiana Deak
PrizeBronze in Portraiture / Culture
Entry Description

Firm over time. True to their folklore and proud of their history. Practices inherited from father to son, like guardians of native customs. It is a photographic work on Argentine Gauchos. I always felt close to the gaucho culture and customs, because of my family traditions . The gauchos are true to their folk traditions and dress. They meet in taming horses and rodeo, where they share mate and roasted meat. Instill these traditions to their children and have strong ties to the community. This is a traditional culture that is disappearing in Argentina, despite the efforts of the community. It is a documentary work where my visual language is focused on the particular skills of the community its represents daily work. I want each image to represent the national and social pride that this minority social group has today. I want to record the culture, tradition and idiosyncrasy of a strong culture

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