PhotographerWeronika Gesicka
PrizeSilver in Fine Art / Other
About Photographer

Some people think that photographs can never be art because they are taken, not made. I believe that a magnificent photograph is as much a work of art as a brilliant painting, drawing or sculpture. My one ambitious goal in making every picture is to create a work of art. Taking photographs allows me to capture something beautiful and I want to share it with others. Images themselves are their own best description, they tell a story of a person, place or event, so I always try to think as carefully as I can about my stories. Photographs can build a bridge between people and my own reality, making that connection is my passion. I learned the basics of photography during my graphic design studies at the Academy of Fine Art in Warsaw. For the past five years, photographing a beauty of the world has been my form of relaxation and the best way to show my personal vision of reality. In 2006 my interest in photography started to get much more serious, so I decided to begin studies at the European Academy of Photography. Since year 2005 I have participated in many group exhibitions. My efforts did not came unnoticed: in 2007 I was awarded a scholarship of the Polish Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage. My personal vision has always been manifested through the photographic instrument I feel most expressive: black-and-white. My images are hand printed by me in darkroom. I always control the entire process from developing and fixing to toning, washing and finishing. Three years ago I learnt about lith printing, a fairly recent development in alternative process photography. Lith developer is very demanding and development takes a long time, so I spend most of my spare time in my dark room. But I think the effects are worth it. Thanks to this technique, my photography exist to share something more profound than just photographic beauty.