game of luck

Photographerevgeniya maksimova
PrizeGold in Fine Art / Other
About Photographer

Eugenia Maximova was born on November 6, 1973 in Ruse, Bulgaria. Graduated from The University of Vienna, reading journalism and communication science. Eugenia Maximova first became interested in photography at the age of 30 after the sudden death of her mother, a recognized Bulgarian painter. â??Looking through the viewer and pressing the camera button helped me to escape the harrowing reality of her loss, to overcome the shock and lessen the burning pain.. as time passed, photography became my favoured means of communication; a new outlet of creative expression, for how I felt about both myself and my perception of the world around meâ??, says Eugenia. Eugenia is now inseparable from her coeval Hasselblad 500 C, travelling together around the world in search of comprehension and visual truth. Awards: 2006 Konica Minolta- Bulgaria Award 2008 Balkan Photographic Forum â??Pred Menâ?? Award 2009 Category winner - Px3 Award 2009 Deeper Perspective Nominee- International Photography Award 2009 (Solo) Exhibitions: 2009 Galerie auf der Pawlatsche â?? Vienna, Austria 2009 City Gallery of Lovech â?? Lovech, Bulgaria