Entry Title: "Aaron Hobson - cinemascapes"
Aaron Hobson
, United States
Category: Professional,

Entry Description:

cinemascapes are close quarter panoramics with open ended narratives

About the Artist:

Remote Adirondack Mountains based photographer Aaron Hobson has created a series of images that have gained international attention in an extremely short amount of time with their original and unique approach to the traditional genre of panoramic photography.<br /> <br /> Hobson&#039;s work is created by combining several sequential, vertical images, thereby offering more visual information and an obscured rendition of any moment depicted by a single image. These preserved moments straddle between the contexts of fictitious, universal and isolated autobiographical experiences. At times inspired by scenery near the artist&#039;s residence in the Adirondack mountains, the work contains narratives steeped in the everyday-from the machismo American cowboy to the disheveled Wall Street staffer. In a fashion comparable to that of feminist portraiture the figure in the image is always the artist whose signified identity morphs through changes in attire and ever-changing elusory surroundings.<br /> <br /> The nuanced details in the photographs are not forced, whether the interior of a &#039;64 Mercury or a seemingly unconscious figure, and lack excessive or immediately shocking details. Rather, the restive energy that pervades the artist&#039;s work unexpectedly draws and subsequently arrests the viewer as the narrative unfolds exposing sensual, disturbing, and onerous undertones. The incredibly intricate and open-ended narratives are at once left to the interpretation of the viewer and restrained by details conveying the intentions of the artist; in the end, leaving the onlooker to ponder happenings within the frame incessantly.<br />