Entry Title: "Portraits"
Sandrine Lima
, United States
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About the Artist:

Dustin Humphreys passport could use a vacation. After a full decade as the worlds most prominent surf photographer, hes seen more countries than he cares to list. More notably, hes pioneered explorations to coastlines never before documented in places like Iceland, Egypt and Tanzania. Beyond establishing himself as the sports foremost travel and portraiture photographer, Humphrey re-invented the genre by pulling away from the tight, logo-driven action to capture the moods of travel, the aesthetics of adventure and the rich cultural tapestries of the countries he explored. His 2007 travel photography book, Sipping Jetstreams, won PDNs prestigious Book of the Year award (against entries by photographers like Annie Lebowitz and Steve McCurry). More recently, Humphrey has been applying his worldly vision and road-tested skills to projects in fashion and commercial genra. In 2009, his work with Insight Clothings Dopamine campaign won him a World Photography Award for Best Commercial Photography, Also 2009 he shot Surfing Magazines award winning annual Swim Issue. He is currently working on a follow-up book to Sipping Jetstreams, entitled Castles in the Sky as well as a photographic ode to his adopted home of Indonesia, called Archipelago Love. Hailing from Huntington Beach, California, hes called Bali, Indonesia home for the last ten years, where he maintains ample studio space, a vast repertoire of exotic shooting locations, and enough surfboards and custom motorcycles to give his weary passport a break now and again.