Entry Title: "The Stranger in the Glass Box"
Shi Xiaofan (a.k.a Quentin Shih)
, China
Category: Professional,

Entry Description:

This is a project with Christian Dior for an exhibtion "Dior With Contemporary Chinesse Arts" in Beijing. in this series, i want to express a kind of barrier and dialogue between west and east, western fashion and chinese fashion. Dior provided the wardrobe and models for this project.

About the Artist:

Shi Xiaofan (aka Quentin Shih) was born in Tianjin China in 1975, now working as a professional artist/photographer based in Beijing, China.<br /> <br /> After graduating from Southeast University in 1998 with a BS degree in EE, he came to Beijing, the art and cultural center of China, seeking to develop his career as a photographer <br /> <br /> (instead of an engineer). In 2000, he joined several exhibitions in US and His photography works have been collected by American museums including Danforth Museum of Art, <br /> <br /> Worcester Art Museum, et<br /> <br /> During the last a few years, he moved his interests into commercial and fashion photography, and has been working for top advertising clients and international magazines. his <br /> <br /> works for commercial has won some international advertising and photography awards.<br /> <br /> Currently he returned to his love of fine art photography and worked on a few projects now.<br /> <br /> <br /> - be awarded Photographer of the Year by Esquire Magazine in 2007<br /> - ONE OF THE NOMINEES OF THE NEW YORK PHOTO AWARDS 2008 IN THE CATEGORY OF ADVERTISING PHOTOGRAPHY/SERIES <br /> - WINNER OF THE IPA (INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY AWARD) 2008, 2ND PLACE IN ADVERTISING PHOTOGRAPHY CATEGORY IPA2008<br /> - WORKS FOR MSN/MICROSOFT PRINT ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS WON THE GOLD AWARDS AT THE 15TH CHINA ADVERTISING FESTIVAL<br /> - SELECTED AS ONE OF THE ARTISTS WORKING WITH CHRISTIAN DIOR FOR THE EXHIBTION "DIOR WITH CHINESE CONTEMPORARY ARTS"<br /> - WORK FOR MICROSOFT/MSN PRINT CAMPAIGNS WON THE MERIT AWARD IN THE ADVERTISING CATEGORY OF THE PDN MAGAZINE PIX DIGITAL 2008 CONTEST<br /> <br /> PRESS and INTERVIEW:<br /> Air France Magazine<br /> Vogue Taiwan<br /> GOETHE Magazine, Japan<br /> Noblesse Magazine, Korea<br /> Elle, HK<br /> New York Times <br /> Times UK<br /> Vogue Chinese Version<br /> His Life magazine<br /> Madame Figaro, French Version<br /> MacPower Magazine, Japan <br /> Computer Arts UK, <br /> Rack Magazine, <br /> Photo Magazine<br /> <br /> quentinshih@hotmail.com<br /> www.quentinphotography.com