Honorable Mention / 2014 / Fine Art / Abstract

Neoplastic Lndscapes

  • Photographer
    Luigi Vigliotti

Neoplastic LANDSCAPES originates from the idea to apply to the photography a concept ("the visible has a geometric foundation") of the Neoplasticism developed by the Dutch painter Piet Mondrian. Landscape images have been duplicated, reflected and combined by looking at the equivalence of opposites in order to reach what Mondrian called "the balance of symmetry".
"Seeing the composition, color and line and not the representation as such. Getting to perceive the subject as an impediment. Fragments of the particular join together to form another reality, which confounds our usual perception of reality”. Free themselves looking natural order of things, so as not to represent them: only then we can express with an abstract appearance the tension of form, the color intensity and the harmony exhibited by nature .... Plastically seen, everything merges into a single image of color and shape. An image is an image of something: the color and its shape alone are an image of something.
Nature rises from its materiality and becomes a magnificent obsession made by Form, Sign and Color, pure Geometry (P. Mondrian)

Luigi Vigliotti was born in L'Aquila, currently lives in Bologna. Fond of Ethnography and Archaeology has made several reportages and his pictures have been published in magazines and books. He has also been represented by the agency Panda Photo. His photographic approach begins from the desire to portray the forms of the landscape which already formed part of his cultural background, being a professional geologist.
Interested in the interpretative possibilities of photography has revisited the analog images through different manipulation techniques and in particular by the use of instant films (Polaroid) by combining the known techniques of manipulation (image transfer) with original experimental stages. In 1998 his portfolio "Graffiti" has been awarded in the IIIrd International of Photography at Solighetto (TV). Following his passion for miniatures, antique prints and graphic works he found an inexhaustible source of inspiration in the Polaroid materials by exploring unconventional paths of photographic language with acclaim and accolades from critics and audiences. He has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in Italy and abroad and one of its elaborations was also part of the famous Polaroid Collection. The Photographic Website "Fotologie" (Selected pages of contemporary photography) has dedicated a profile to his Portfolio "Imazighen" (http://www.fotologie.it/vigliotti.html )