Entry Title: " bondi nightscapes"
kent mathews
, United Kingdom

Entry Description:

Bondi Nightscapes is a series of work shot in the twilight of the day on Bondi beach Australia. This series explores our relationship with the ocean as a constant source of power and beauty within our lives. The five images show five different stories of peoples relationship to Bondi beach. The children building sandcastles, the surfing couple packing away their boards ,the fisherman with his yellow bait bag, the late night bathers and the lone man standing in contemplation at the end of the day. As a nation who's inhabitants hug the ocean, water is a central part of everyday life.

About the Artist:

Born in London, England in 1973, Kent graduated as a bachelor of Photographic Art from the University of Westminster in 1994.He then apprenticed many artists and photographers in both the UK and USA. In 1999 he set up his own commercial studio and started working as a fashion and portrait photographer. In recent years Kent�s focus has been increasingly on Gallery based projects and he has exhibited and is collected in the UK, France, America and Australia. His work is currently represented by www.unitedgalleries.com.au