Entry Title: " Monsoon"
Ezra Millstein
, United States

Entry Description:

The first clouds of the summer monsoon approach India's coastline in Pondicherry. The torrential rainstorms often cause violent landslides; entire villages have been swept away. Despite this destruction, farmers depend on the rains to irrigate their land, and a large amount of India?s electricity is generated by water power provided by the monsoon rains.

About the Artist:

Ezra Millstein currently works as a staff photographer for Habitat for Humainty International, which combats poverty housing in 90 countries around the world. Originally from New York City, he has lived, studied and traveled throughout Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America, North America, the South Pacific and the Middle East. He has worked for the US Peace Corps, World Wildlife Fund, Grassroots International and the International Rescue Committee.