Entry Title: " Sandsend Storm"
keith foster
, United Kingdom

Entry Description:

One of the worst storms seen at Sandsend-Whitby UK where rising seas are a major threat to this village. The water from this wave did much damage.

About the Artist:

I love to make photographs. It is as simple as that. I love to make photographs that draw the audience into a captured moment in time. Having taken photographs for over 30 years starting with a Russian FED 35mm camera to my now D2x and D300 capturing some of these moments and the surrounding North Yorkshire coast and country. While the moment attracts the attention of the viewer, my goal is to hold their attention as well. It is the perfection of the use of light, shadows, background and color, combined with high resolution quality that will keep the audience. I approach each image with these principals in mind. Always striving for perfection means always learning. They are one in the same. Lately, the hot topic has been digital. I have been using digital exclusively since 1999 and I am convinced of its benefits to both the photographer and the client. Today the photographic industry is in a wonderful transition.