Entry Title: " The Monks of Tibet"
Don Gurewitz
, United States

Entry Description:

In their monasteries, and in public ceremonies, Buddhist monks are aubiquitous presence in Tibetan society. Seen here: taking a break at theJokhang Temple in Lhasa, Tibet; officiating and playing musical instrumentsat the Tiji Festival in the Kingdom of Mustang in Nepal; assembling forprayers at the Labrang Monastery in Xiahe, China; and in the daily "debate"at the Sera monastery outside of Lhasa. More on the 'Monks of Tibet' atwww.dongurewitzphotography.com

About the Artist:

Don Gurewitz is an award-winning photographer and inveterate world travelerwhose wanderings have taken him to more than fifty countries on fivecontinents. He is a long-time Boston-area resident and political and tradeunion activist. Until 2001, he made his living for20 years as a machinistfor General Electric Co. in Lynn, MA. Aperiodic victim of "downsizing", histravels until 2001 were accomplished for the most part during periods oflayoff from GE. Don's photographs have won awards from various publications,from the Boston Globe to Today's Photographer, and have appeared in manyexhibits in the United States and Europe. His images are held in numerousprivate,institutional and corporate collections. His work has been publishedin magazines as diverse as American Photo, Popular Photography,Photographic,and Solidarity, the magazine of the United Auto Workers Union. He was afeatured photographer in the November 2002 issue of  Photo Life, Canada'spremier photography magazine, and in the May 2003issue of the U.S.photography magazine, Shutterbug. His images have appeared in many books,calendars, travel publications, annual reports,and photographic surveybooks. He is an accomplished public speaker and a frequent slide lecturer toschool, campus, and community audiences throughout the U.S.. About his work,Don has said,'For most of my coworkers the layoffs were a disaster. I wasone of the lucky few for whom there was a silver lining: the layoffs gave metime to travel. I tried to take full advantage of this mixed blessing. Ihave been amazed and awed by what I have seen. I hope people will find in myimages, not only the eye of a photographer and artist, but also the eye ofsomeone with a social sensitivity, and the eye of someone who appreciatesdeeply the privilege of being able to see so much of the rich and variedcultures and natural places of our world.' Lou Jones, one of America's topphotographers and the proprietor of Gallery ISO has said, 'Traditionaldocumentary/photojournalism has a hard time being placed in art galleries.Often people don't want to be reminded of what the rest of the world islike?Don Gurewitz's photography is of such pure sensibility personally andpolitically that people of all facets of life need to see it. Gurewitz caresenough to document the forgotten regions of the world. He and the subjectsin his images deserve to be better known. His photography elevates societyand design simultaneously.' www.dongurewitzphotography.com