Entry Title: " Nomadic Life"
Seškin Yalšın
, Turkey

Entry Description:

nomadic life of the agriculture workers

About the Artist:

Born in Turkey; 1966 Industry Engineer (Istanbul Tecnical University) ; 1987 Manager of Turkish Telecommunication Co. in Adana A member of Adana Amateur Photographer's Association;2003 Reporter of Anatolian Agency;2006 Awarded First prize in Photography Contest of the 20. Festival of Antakya; 2004 Awarded Silver Medal in Photography Contest of the Hellenic Photographic Society 3. Balkan Country , 2005 Awarded Third Prize and mention in Photography Contest of International Photography Award (IPA); 2006 Exhibition : Bar─▒┼ča ăa─čr─▒-Vak─▒fk÷y; 2003 13. Alt─▒n Koza Art Festival; 2006 International 1. Literature Festival of Adana; 2007 Women Photographers (AFAD); 2007 Personal Exhibition: "I┼č─▒k Suya Dokundu─čunda" Adana Sabanc─▒ Art Gallery and Bursa City Museum; 2006