Entry Title: " NOLA"
Derek Johnson
, United States

Entry Description:

About the Artist:

My vision has remained true and consistent throughout my career. While surviving on the commercial work, I plan documentary projects, which help tell stories that bring attention to situations in need of help. Realizing that I could make an impact on society, I continued forward in photography for this reason. My images and films have been published internationally by publications like HBO, National Geographic, NHK Japan, The Wall Street Journal, ABC, Bust Magazine, and YM Magazine. The most important subject for me is the truth. By photographing everyday situations I understand the highest truths through my camera. I often shoot a close-cropped portrait of my subjects that emphasizes direct eye contact and facial expressions. I intend to capture the truthful essence of each subjectís spirit. The audience when viewing my images will get the sensation as if the subjects are looking back at them and developing a relationship with them. Music has always been an inspiration for me and these images about New Orleans were created out of my passion for music and humanity. Combining music with my vision was a natural progression, since I listen to music everyday. I am pleased to share a real piece of my vision and my dream with you. This work was produced to help promote the culture and rebirth of one of America's greatest cities...New Orleans. The focus is on music and entertainment. In New Orleans, music is a way of life for most of its residents. This work explores some of the greatest local music and venues in the city. Music is truly an inspiration and reason to keep us going back and visiting New Orleans. Please visit my website for more projects. www.derekjohnsonphoto.com