Entry Title: " Improving Lives"
Camille Zakharia
, Bahrain

Entry Description:

Improving Lives With the intention of improving the living standards of Bahraini citizens, the Ministry of Works and Housing implemented a project related to the demolition and rebuilding of homes belonging to low-income families across the island to ensure a better distribution of wealth in the country. As a project that is considered historically significant within the context of the current social and economic development of the nation, the Ministry requested me to document it to ensure that it is not lost to posterity. For this purpose, I photographed 20 families who moved back to their newly built houses, paying particular attention on the impact of this project on their daily activities.

About the Artist:

Camille Zakharia holds a BFA from NSCAD University. He was born in Lebanon but left during the civil war in 1985. Since then, he has lived in various countries, including the United States, Greece, Turkey, and Canada, where he has become a citizen. He currently lives in Bahrain. Zakharia has used his camera as a tool to document the journey he has embarked upon since leaving Lebanon, photographing segments of his daily activities and reflecting on issues related to home, identity, sense of self, and belonging. He is the recipient of a number of grants and awards, including the first prize in the collage category of the International Photography Award 2006 for his study Lebanon-Canada via Bahrain , currently in the collection of the Canadian Museum of Civilization. He has shown his work in galleries and museums, among them the Expo Center in Sharjah UAE (Sharjah Biennial 8), Saint Mary's University Art Gallery (Division Lines), the Art Gallery of Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts in Qatar (Elusive Homelands), Dalhousie Faculty of Architecture Art Gallery (Assembling Places), Museum of Fine Art Florida State University (Combined Talents 1998), Wichita Center for the Arts (Fragments and Babylon), Art Gallery of Nova Scotia (Far and Wide: 3 rd Biennial), Art Gallery of Wichita State University (Middle Eastern Perception), Gallery 44 Toronto (Proof 6), Multicultural Arts Resource Center Halifax (Hanna’s Diary – An Immigrant Story) among others. Camille Zakharia's works are in private and public collections including Bait Al Qura'n, British Council, Canadian Museum of Civilization, Wichita Center for the Arts and Taib Tower.