Entry Title: " Thawing Droplets"
Richard W J Koh
, Singapore

Entry Description:

This is a photo of water droplets from condensation on a fish left to thaw from freezing. Water supports marine life like the fish we eat. Water also preserves the food we eat when it is frozen with it. It is abundant in the air and can be extracted through condensation for consumption. This image symbolically links all these ideas and how water is essential in our life.

About the Artist:

Light has fascinated Richard since childhood. He considers photography a mystical art where â??one harvests light which comes from Aboveâ??. One of his great joys is to be able to harvest the light anywhere on earth. In 2003, despite having a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering, he made a mid-career switch from R&D engineering to photography. This unusual career move was featured in the TV programme Career Blueprints in Jan 2007. Richardâ??s photographs have been exhibited at the Singapore History Museum, the Esplanade, the Singapore Art Museum, at Chobi Mela IV in Dhaka and Pan Pacific Singapore. He has received 4 awards from the New York Institute of Photography and three awards from PX3. Since 1996, Richardâ??s major assignments were for clients such as Sony, Singaporeâ??s Ministry of Education, Singapore Tourism Board, Johnnie Walker and Association of Aerospace Industries (Singapore). He has also taught photography at Objectifs and 3dsense Media School. Richard runs Amaranthine Photos (www.amaranthinephotos.com) and is currently based in Singapore.