Entry Title: " After the Golden Age"
joshua glenn heath
, Australia

Entry Description:

The series of images are apart of a book â??After the Golden Ageâ??, Joshua Heath created in 2008. Shot in the central business district of Sydney, the images address the relationship humans have formed with the hardening, deceptive and unnatural construction of city spaces. The text of the book compares the city structures of escalators, stairwells, sharp corners and tunnels, to the bony skeletal structure of Jonahâ??s Whale. It references concepts relating to Platoâ??s Cave analogy, and searches for light and space within the brittle social structures of the inner city. This body of work asks questions about the power an individual citizen has within the structures of society. It shows the aftermath of colonialism.

About the Artist:

Joshua Heath was born in Wagga Wagga, Australia. He completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours at the National Art School in 2005 and a Masters of Documentary Photography at Sydney College of the Arts in 2008. During his postgraduate study Joshua completed two unpublished books, â??After the Golden Ageâ?? and â??MANâ??. In late 2008 Joshua travelled to Mexico, with funding from the Qantas Noise award 2006, and began a third book in Mexico City. The first of the three books, â??Manâ??, was photographed in Morocco during 2007, it explores abstract ideas about travelling and breaking through foreign spaces. The creation of this book was made possible after winning the Qantas Noise award in 2005. The second book â??After the Golden Ageâ?? examines life in Sydney's central business district. The photographs look at the relationship humans have formed with their surrounding spaces and surfaces. The Mexico City book has been momentarily postponed due to lack of funds. Currently residing in Canada, he is hoping to return to Mexico in the near future to continue the work, inspired by the myth, faith, diversity and chaos of this city.