Entry Title: " Beichuan - Earthquake Museum "
Jimmy Lam
, Singapore

Entry Description:

Beichuan, the epicenter of the Sichuan earthquake, killed 50,000 in May 08. Of every two persons, only one came out alive. The Chinese government intends to keep the entire Beichuan quake area in its destroyed form, as a museum for all to remember. The first image shows a wreath, with the words Beichuan, in Chinese. The second image shows Beichuan before the destruction, and after.

About the Artist:

Jimmy Lam studied at the International Center of Photography. He specialised in documenting the cultural and social aspect of Asia. He travels throughout Asia to preserve its people and culture through photography. He has four books published: Greater Tibet; Faraway Faces - the vanishing world of southwest China; and Lives in the balance -street people of Asia; and Treasures of Indochina. He was selected in the Critical Mass Top 50 in 2009. He was also included in the International Photo Awards Best of Show in 2008. His book, "Lives in the Balance" won a silver award in the US' based Independent Book Publishers Outstanding Books of the Year.