Entry Title: " Post Traumatic Exorcism"
malcolm craig gilbert
, United Kingdom

Entry Description:

In most societies old memories of perpetual cycles of violence lie dormant just below the surface. Through the scarring of these hearts and minds the wicked await with eulogies that besmirch and give rancour, leading the future misguided : Hatred feeds the weak-minded, starving the rest, so guiding us to oblivion. As consequence - in failing to deal with it, or properly coming to terms with these legacies - innocent minds are lost and so become hardened to, and in some regards blind to violence and its true connotations. I was a Police Officer for 18 years during the Troubles of Northern Ireland before being medically retired due to the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I took up photography as a way of expressing my suppressed feelings and emotions through art. My aim is to document by means of a series of photographic tableaux a narrative of those personal feelings and my inherent pathos towards those who tarnish society; those wishing to subvert the masses either by fear and intimidation or by overt subjugation, and create bold cartoon vignettes that are purposeful in allegorical structure and stand as a metaphor to my resistance: I explore the nature of my violent memories - real and perceived - facing down my fears, anxieties, paranoia and the things i don't talk about, and show them without censor.

About the Artist: