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2 Curators, 40 Photographs Exhibition in Paris

Bill Hunt, Curator (New York) and Daphne Angles, New York Times. (Paris)

Px3 Curators Challenge.

This year, two curators, one from the US and one from France will curate the Px3 exhibition in Paris. For only 8 hours, both curators will have access to the entries at exact same time to select their favorite photographs. Once one curator selects a photo, it can not be selected by the other curator, creating a challenge between the curators to pick the best work first. In this time, they each will choose 20 photographs to be displayed in a traveling exhibition.

The public will then vote on their selection- and the curator with the most votes will win $2000.

The 40 selected photographs will be published in a special Px3 exhibition catalog. Px3 hopes that this exhibition will display the curators' cultural differences and similarities and create an interesting dialog the photo industry.

The Annual Px3 Competition will be judged as usual with Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards. And the Photographer of the Year and New Talent of the Year will receive their cash prize based on the jury vote and published in Px3 Annual Book.

But this year the 40 selected photographs by the two curators will be exhibited instead of the winners of the competition.

Submit your best work for a chance to win the title of Px3 Photographer of the Year, cash prizes, be selected by the curators for the exhibition in Paris and inclusion in the Px3 book."

Px3 Photography Competition
The "Prix de la Photographie, Paris" (Px3) strives to promote the appreciation of photography, to discover emerging talent, and introduce photographers from around the world to the artistic community of Paris. Winning photographs from this competition are displayed in Paris and published in the high-quality, full-color Px3 Annual Book.

Px3 Judges:
Juried by leading editors, publishers, curators, gallery owners, consultants, creative directors, and art directors, Px3 brings the best of photography from across the globe to Paris.

Px3 Categories:
Advertising, Photojournalism, Book, Book Proposals, Fine Art, Nature and Portraiture.


Px3 Photographer of the Year
Both professional and non-professional photographers compete for the top award, the Px3 Photographer of the Year and 3,000 Euros. The winner’s work is publicized internationally, receives the spotlight at all events, is exhibited in Paris, and published in the Px3 Annual Book.

Px3 Best New Talent (Non-Professionals and Students Only)
Non-professional photographers compete for the Px3 Best New Talent Award and 2,000 Euros. The winner’s work is publicized and exhibited in Paris and published in the Px3 Annual Book.

Certificates in all Categories
All 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners from both the professional and non-professional categories will receive a Px3 certificate, personalized press release, and a Px3 winner's logo for professional purposes.

Honorable Mentions
Px3 judges award several Certificates of Honorable Mention to both professional and non-professional entries to acknowledge talent as they deem fit.

Public Choice Awards
39,481 votes were tallied in the first annual Prix de la Photographie Paris. The names of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place Subcategory Public Choice Winners are listed in the Px3 Annual Book.

TOP 20: A guest curator will choose 20 Photographers work to present in an exhibition in Paris. This selection is independent of the gold, silver, bronze winners. they will be showcased in the book but not necessarily in the Paris Exhibition.

Px3 Annual Book
The work of the 1st and 2nd place winners from both the professional and non-professional Subcategories will be published in the high-quality, full-color Px3 Annual Book (includes Major Category winners). The names of the Honorable Mention recipients and the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place Subcategory Public Choice Winners will be included as well.

Don't miss this opportunity to participate in this international showcase of photographic talents.

Entry fees cover the cost of prizes, exhibitions, administration and promotion. To make this photo competition globally accessible, Px3 discounts entry fees for certain countries. Click here for the list.

Professional Photographers
$30 for each photograph entered
$50 for each series (2-5 images with a unifying theme) or book
Same photograph or series, additional category: $25 per category

Non-professional and Student Photographers
$20 per photograph entered
$40 for each series (2-5 images with a unifying theme)
Same photograph or series, additional category: $15 per category

Send your best work to Px3 now.

Simply fill out the entry form and send it with your work to Px3. You can submit as many photographs in as many categories as you want.

Ways to Submit Your Entries
Login and use the online entry form, upload your photographs and pay the fees. (JPG only, 72 dpi, each image must be 1000 pixels on the longest side)

Winner Notification
All winners will be announced online six to eight weeks after the final submission deadline. The Px3 Annual Book will be published eight to ten months after the announcement.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Q: Who is considered a professional photographer?
A: Those who earn, or have earned, the majority of their income from taking photographs.

2. Q: What is considered a series?
A: Two to five (2-5) photographs that share the same theme or concept and same title. Make sure all your images in a series are strong. Your work will be judge as whole not individually.

3. Q: Where can I obtain a printed entry form if I want to mail my submission?
A: You may download a printable .pdf of the entry form.

4. Q: Can I enter digital photographs into the contest?
A: Yes, you may ONLY send digital files on a CD or DVD by mail or upload your files online UNLESS you are sending a book or book proposal submission.

5. Q: What size should the digital files and prints be?
A: Digital submissions must be saved as .jpg, are 72 dpi, and not exceed 1000 pixels in height or width.

6. Q: Do I need to send a return handling fee for each photograph I want to be returned?
A: No, there is only a one-time fee of $20 regardless of the number of photographs you want returned. You must ALSO include a self-addressed, stamped or FedEx mailer.

7. Q: How can I pay for the photographs that I submit?
There are a number of ways for you to pay for the photographs you enter:
a) You may pay online by credit card, US check, or through Paypal.
b) You may fill out the payment details on the printable entry form and mail it to Px3 with your credit card information (Visa or Mastercard) or check (please make your check in US dollars and payable to Px3).

8. Q: Can I enter one photograph into multiple categories?
A: Yes, you may enter the same photograph into as many categories as you want. In fact, doing so may increase your chances of winning. There is an additional fee for each subcategory and major category: $25 for professionals, $15 for non-professionals and $10 for students.

9. Q: What is the Px3 Copyright policy & How can Px3 use my photographs?
A: The photographer always retain the copyright of his image. Px3 has the right to use your submitted photographs for the annual exhibition(s) and the Px3 book of the year, if you are a winner. Px3 may also use your work for marketing and promotional purposes directly related to Px3
only, with the photographer's approval and appropriate citation/credit.

10. Q: What are the 'Book' and 'Book Proposals' categories?
A: The Book category is for designed and published photography books. The Book Proposals category is for photography books ready to be published, but without a publisher. Entrants may send their entries by mail or upload the cover and 4 images from the book online.

11. Q: What is time of the final deadline?
A: We accept onlin
e entries until midnight, Central European Time, on the final deadline. We accept mailed entries that are post-marked on the final deadline from where you are sending your entry.

12. Q: Where will the prints go after the exhibit?
A: Px3 will never sell your prints. We will have a traveling show for one year in to publicize the winning images. The prints will be archived at Px3 safe storage for possible inclusion in "Best Of 5, 10, etc. Years" Shows OR photographers may request that Px3 destroy or return the prints. On the back of each print, there is stamp that says: "Not for sale/Return to Px3. NON ARCHIVAL PRINTS"  

12. Q: What happens if some one wants to buy my prints?
A: Px3 will put the interested person in touch with you or your gallery. Px3 is not in business of selling prints. The prints for exhibitions are not archival prints and can not be sold.



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